Edi Abazi: “I love challenges, and Eurovision is just that.”

Who else is excited for Dora 2020 at the weekend? On Saturday night Croatia will choose their song for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. Sixteen artists are ready to perform for their shot at representing their country in Rotterdam later this year.

In the lead-up, we have caught up with Edi Abazi who is competing in Dora for the first time with his song “Coming Home“. We chat to him about his musical journey so far, Dora participation & the potential Eurovision appearance should he win. Unfortunately we won’t be hearing the songs until the night, but he’s definitely got us excited to hear his!

David: A big welcome to Dora & the wonderful world of Eurovision! What made you decide to submit a song to Dora? And what does this opportunity mean to you?

Edi: First, I’d like to thank you for this great opportunity to present myself and my song. To be honest, my producer, who is also an author of this song, both text and music, has recognized the potential of this song as it completely fits Dora’s atmosphere.

When I heard this song for the first time, I knew that it is perfectly made for me. So, I’ll do my best to make the most of this unique opportunity to present myself and the song in the best possible way. This means a world to me because I am a debutant and it is a huge step in my recently started career. Since the competition for Dora was significant, being chosen from more than 180 competitors is a confirmation that I am on the right way.

D: You’ll be singing “Coming Home” in the Dora 2020 final so can you give us a teaser, what can we expect from your song?

E: This song is very emotionally intoned and is inspired by my life story. The song gives motivation to anyone who finds themselves at the life crossroads at some point. An author of this song, both text and music, is Srđan Sekulović Skansi, well known to the Croatian audience as an author of everlasting hits. I enjoy working with him because he is primarily a great man. I hope the audience will recognize the strength of this song.

D: Last year you released your debut single ‘Miljama daleko’ – how did it come about? Have you always wanted to pursue music?

E: I won the recording of this song as a reward for winning the competition as part of the “Talent Against Violence Among Youth” project. I have always dreamed of being a singer so my first song is the beginning of living that dream. I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity. “Miljama daleko” (Eng. “Miles away”) will forever have a special meaning for me because it’s my first recorded song.

D: You’ve also had some super exciting news last year, signing with Croatia’s largest record label on a five year contract! How is it all coming along? Have you got lots of stuff planned coming soon?

Croatia’s largest record label, after listening to my first song, recognized the potential in me, I guess. They offered me an exclusive contract, which I gladly accepted. I am currently working on songs for my first album. To be honest, I am very excited about it and happy to have the best professional team working with me on this project. A few songs are almost over. We try to do our best and I hope the audience will like it.

D: If you win Dora, you will go on to represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest in May. What would representing your country mean to you?

It would be great if I win. Of course, it is my secret wish. But, at the same time, it is a very big responsibility. To represent my own country would be a great honor. Expectations are always high, both for the performer himself and the audience. I love challenges, and Eurovision is just that.

D: So tell us a bit more about yourself … tell us about what else you enjoy doing and who are your biggest musical influences?

E: I have been practicing music professionally for a year and a half. Along that way, I’ve gone through about 40 interviews and over 20 concerts where I’ve gotten some experience, met a lot of new people and gained my first fans.

I like to play sports. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. It helps me stay persistent, hardworking and consistent. When I plan on something, I will try my best to accomplish it.

In the music world, my biggest musical influences are young singers who have proven that it is still possible to do something new, such as Lewis Capaldi and Shawn Mendes.

D: And what song can you not stop listening to at the moment?

E: Hmm… if I have to choose just one to select, it would be Capaldi’s song “Before you go“.

D: Obviously a lot of our readers are huge Eurovision fans. So tell us, do you watch the contest yourself? And if so do you have a favourite song?

E: Of course, I like to keep up with the music. Hopefully this time I will be part of that story as well. My favorite song is “Euphoria”, by Loreen. Her performance was brilliant and the song was a hit and still is.

D: Thank you for answering our questions! Did you have a message for our readers?

E: I hope you’ll like my performance and song. I will not be angry if you vote for me. I’ll do my best so stay tuned.

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