OL: “The song was written by my husband 10 years ago!”

We continue our interview series of Moldova’s national selection and we continue Olga Lisicova, also known as OL, who is hoping to represent Moldova in Malmö with the song “No Time No Space”. Olga is no stranger to the competition, having competed in the Moldavian final several times and this year, we finally got the pleasure to catch up with her ahead of the final.

Hello Olga and thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few of our questions –

First of all, what should those readers, who are not familiar with you yet, know about you?

Hello ESCBubble and thank you for inviting me to this interview! My name is Olga and I am a singer, songwriter and music producer. I love sing and to write songs, and I’m fond of video making and video editing. I also love love scuba-diving, cycling and travelling.


Who are your musical influences and inspirations?

My biggest influences are Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner and Prince, and my favourite band is Steely Dan. I’m very much inspired by Motown era, as well as the Blues and the Jazz in general.


What has been your best experience with music so far?

Michael Jackson‘s concert in Bucharest, Romania in 1992, and Ray Charles performance at Cerbul de Aur Music Festival in Brasov, Romania in 1994 (I was just a little girl then but I remember it so clear); My Soul and Classical R&B music project called The Gracious where I was telling people about the history of African-American music in songs: from the Spirituals and Work Songs to the Soul of Rhythm and Blues; and of course getting to Eurovision Moldova finals last year and this year!


What was your motivation to enter Moldova’s national selection?

I really wanted to share the song No Time No Space with as many people as possible, and to challenge myself again. I love that adrenaline of getting on the big stage during live shows on National Television!


How did you feel when you knew that you made it to the final of Etapa Nationala?

I felt as if I have won a million! It’s an honour for me to be among Moldova’s top 5 contestants again!


Could you explain the meaning of your song “No Time No Space” – How was it created?

The song is about the feelings of a woman who loves so deeply that she can sometimes be so weak and vulnerable in front of her beloved one. Afraid to admit it, she seeks support in a fleeting glance, a smile, or a word from the man she loves. Sometimes it seems to her that if this does not happen, she will go crazy. At such moments life fades without the one she loves, but next to him there is no time, no space, and no fear. His loving sight gives strength and inspiration.


The song was waiting for its moment for quite a long time. It was written 10 years ago by my husband Dennis Nazarov who is a guitarist and composer. He wrote this song as one of his homeworks during Berkeley School of Music Songwriting Course, and got high marks from his peers. We recorded it in autumn of 2019 with the string orchestra (initially it was Dennis who sang it, not me), and the plan was to launch it in the beginning of 2020, but then the pandemic hit, so we decided to release it after it ends. And then the war started, so we put it on pause again. I remembered about it a few weeks ago when the submission deadline for ESC was approaching, and we made a decision that I will sing it. We re-recorded the vocals and I did my own backing vocals arrangement for it.


Have you followed Eurovision in the past? Do you consider yourself a fan of it?

I’ve been a real Eurovision fan from mid 90s to mid 00s, and starting from 2010s I’ve not been so consistent and active, and followed it from time to time on occasion. What I really love about ESC is the spirit of musical unity of Eurovision fans and performers, its diversity, as well as the variety of different styles and freedom of self-expression. ESC is a real example that music has no boundaries: we can always see so many collaborations of musicians and performers from different countries all across the globe, not just Europe. Now (more than ever) it is important to unite, share and cherish the musical language of freedom and love, especially during these difficult times. In my opinion it‘s the most important mission of ESC.


If yes, do you have some favorite songs?

One of my favourite Eurivision songs are:

  • ABBA – Waterloo (1974, Sweden).

ABBA and the Swedish school of songwriting are the golden ratio for me in pop music and hit making. I worked in Scandinavia as a musician for quite a long time, and these trips have inspired me to learn Swedish. I love ABBA’s Waterloo because of the drive and energy of the pop-rock style, that was followed up with success by Roxette later in the 90‘s. Also, the message of the song is very close to me: a lost game (and not only in love) can be the beginning of something new: a new relationship, a new stage or achievement in life. It is important to lose battles sometimes to grow up, or to give up sometimes to experience the happiness of love.


  •  Celine Dion – Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi (1988, Switzerland)

This song is very close to my heart, and not just because I love the music of the 80s. For me, the highest values ​​in life are love and freedom, and the song is addressed to those who aspire to approach these ideals and to discover new worlds. It is also an example of collaboration between talented composers from different countries and cultures, proving that music has no borders. Celine’s phenomenal voice is like a ray of light that cuts through the universe asking to join the journey to the new worlds.


  • Sam Ryder – Space Man (2022, UK)

I really like Solaris and movies where people are surrounded by the cold space full of loneliness. No matter how far we go, no matter how many goals we would achieve, they have no meaning without our friends, family and the ones we love. And if Celine’s Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi is about flying to the stars, Space Man is about coming back home. To me, Sam won ESC 2022, though he had the 2nd place.


Finally, what is a message you would like to spread to our readers from all over the world?

I would like to wish the readers of the ESCBubble to focus on love and kindness, their beloved ones and close friends, even if the world around is drowning in hatred. Also I wish everyone peace and success this year in everything they do.


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