Participants of Skopje Fest 2015 announced

Macedonian broadcaster MRT confirmed that traditional “Skopje Fest” won’t be used to select Eurovision entry this time and more details regarding the way of selection will be published later this month and we should know the name of new entrant in January 2016. Today MRT announced the list of “Skopje Fest” participants and even if they are not fighting for Stockholm, it’s worth to check how many of them are known to the Eurovision community.

First of all – Vlatko Ilievski – who represented Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with “Rusinka” and finished 16th in the semifinal. The winner of “Skopje Fest 2011” will fight for another Grand Prix this year in duo with singer Jovana Dimichevska. Their entry is called “Love (Ljubov)”. Last year Vlatko tried to won the ticket for Eurovision 2015 with Risto Samardziev but they totally failed, finishing last with null points. Previously Risto was the hot favorite to won “Skopje Fest” as he finished in top5 several times. This year he will perform “Od grad do grad”.

Another participant of “Skopje Fest 2015” will be Anja Veterova, who represented Macedonia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with “Eooo, Eooo”. She only finished 12th out of 14 countries, but it’s still very popular in that country. Her entry for “Skopje Fest” is called “Without you (Bez Tebe)”.

Many singers known from previous editions of Skopje Fest will take part once again i.e. Goran Naumovski (2014), Aleksandar Tarabunov (2014), Elena Petreska (2007), Aleksandar Belov (2010), Daniel Dann (2009) and Maja Vukicevic (2010). “Skopje Fest 2015” will be held Nov 12th in Metropolis Arena. The winner will receive 600.000 MKD (9.700 EUR) and will be determined by televoting and jury (50/50).

Last year’s winner – Daniel Kajmakoski – represented Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with “Autumn leaves” but failed to qualify to the final finishing second-last in first semifinal.

“Skopje Fest 2015” participants:

  1. Vlatko & Jovana “Ljubov”
  2. Risto Samardziev “Od grad do grad”
  3. Maja Vukichevic “Prazen den”
  4. Aleksandar Tarabunov “Pej brate moj”
  5. Jana Vurchevska “Jac i ti”
  6. IQ “Ubava”
  7. Dzina Papas Dzoksi “Orhideja”
  8. Ivan Radenov “Muzika od ljubov”
  9. Martin Mila “Premin”
  10. Sara Mejs “Gradina od creshi”
  11. Vanesa Nikolova “Ceedno e”
  12. Daniel Dann “Begaj, begaj”
  13. Goran Naumovski “Nema da mozham”
  14. Viktor Apostolovski “Prosti mi”
  15. Miki Sekulovski “Iljada svetovi”
  16. Elena Petreska “Ljubovta e”
  17. Aleksandar Belov “Znam ti me ostavash”
  18. Anja Veterova “Bez tebe”
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