Vote for YOUR favorites in ESCBubble’s Final of Eurovision 2024

After one month, 31 Public Reacts videos and 31 daily polls, we now have ESCBubble’s 26 Finalists of Eurovision 2024. Just like in the past couple of years as well, we are looking for our own winner that will receive our trophy in Malmö. After Barbara Pravi in 2021, Chanel in 2022 and Käärijä in 2023 – who will be our winner in 2024? We need YOUR help to decide!

We started our poll where you can vote for no less than 3 and no more than 5 of your favorites. Vote for them right here, and then keep reading to find out just how exactly ESCBubble’s winner will be decided (if you voted in the past years as well, this will come as no surprise).

Vote for no less than 3 and no more than 5 of YOUR favorites in the ESCBubble Final!

The poll is now closed.

Our 26 finalists were chosen by a mix of scores from our 17 Public Reviewers (50%) and our readers through our daily polls for each of the songs (50%). Combining these two votes, we got 10 qualifiers from each Semi Final, and the six automatic qualifiers in Eurovision are our six automatic Finalists as well. The full results of each semi can be found here (click).

This is how ESCBubble’s winner will be decided:

  • All scores of our reviewers from the first round remain (as seen in all of our Public Reacts videos), and represent the first vote;
  • Our jury panel consisting of 17 jurors will vote Eurovision style for their 10 favorite songs of our 26 finalists, and this will represent the second vote;
  • The third vote will be from our readers in our Final Poll (see and vote above). The Final poll will close on the 28th of April, at 21:00 CET. The points awarded to each song will correspond to the percentage each song received in our Final poll, and the total amount of points will equal the amount of points given out by our jury panel.
  • In case of any ties, the results from our readers via our poll are going to be the tie-breaker.

The final results will be revealed towards the end of next week, when the trophy will also be handed to our winner.

Check out the reactions from our past three winners in the playlist below:

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