Rasmus Rändvee ”I was changing my car tires when I got the call!”

Tonight Rasmus Rändvee is competing in the second semi-final of Eesti Laul 2017.
He will be singing This Love in hopes of making the final.
Amidst all the preparations, Ramus has found the time to talk to us and the result can be seen here below.

Congratulations on being selected for Eesti Laul, Rasmus! What was your first reaction when you found out?
I was changing my car tires when I got the call, that I’d been chosen to perform in the semi-finals of Eesti Laul, because it was the first snowstorm of the winter and my girlfriend managed to get stuck. My moderate anger struggling to accomplish my manly duties in -10 Celsius weather was quickly replaced with overwhelming joy, that the jury had found me fit to perform at Eesti Laul. 

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

My career as a musician skyrocketed in 2012, when I won the Estonian Idol show. Although there was a lot of pressure to continue as a solo artist after the idol show, I decided to stay true to my band Facelift Deer, which made me the first idol winner in the world to not continue as a solo artist. While being still in the highschool, my band, Facelift Deer, landed a deal with the biggest record company in the world – Universal Music, performed all over Estonia and released a debut album, that was well received among listeners and criitcs. 
Due to different decisions regarding education, my band, Facelift Deer, struggled to function properly, because many members moved to London to pursue greater goals. As I’d been always thinking about a solo career at somepoint in my life, the transition from the frontman of Facelift Deer to solo artist Rasmus Rändvee came quite naturally.

What is your song about?

The songs tells a story about the complex nature of love, but it’s not the average “love song”. It’s rather something you tell your mates after your wife has kicked you out of your house and you complain to them about the mysterious nature of women and relationships over a pint of beer.

What made you decide to participate in Eesti Laul again?
Eesti Laul is a wonderful event that let’s you introduce your music to new listeners. 

What would it mean to you to win Eesti Laul?
Firstly, it would be great honor to represent my country at the Eurovision contest. Secondly, it would mean a lot of sleepless nights and hard work, to give 110% at the stage.

What kind of music do you listen to yourself?
Funnily enough, I can skip from one genre to another without even noticing it myself. I find something enthralling in every type of music, which means I really do listen anything ranging from rock to classical, rap to metal, pop to indie etc. I guess it all depends on the status quo of my mindset and mood.
Rasmus is a very eclectic music lover (Source: Ilmar Saabas)

What is your favourite food?
I’d use to think, that lasagne was my favourite food. Then again, I was a huge fan of Garfield the cat.

Do you have a favourite Eurovision song?
As a huge fan of a French icon and arch provocateur Serge Gainsbourg, my all time favourite song is definitely Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son by France Gall. Also, I was completely baffled and carried away Sanna Nielsens vocal performance representing Sweden in 2014 – the year, I had the honor to be on the Eurovision jury myself.

What’s your favourite song right now?
Paulo Nutini – Iron Sky

Do you have a message for the readers of ESCBubble?
I don’t think I can pull this off without sounding like a Miss Universe.

Thanks a lot for doing this interview, Rasmus, and good luck in Eesti Laul!

Give Rasmus’ entry a listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrum0jd0Jt8
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