Salvador Sobral: “Amar pelos dois” is a love song. A sad one.

Salvador Sobral is a first-time entrant in Festival da Cancao. He will be taking part in the first semi final, which is taking place this Sunday. Ahead of the competition, we had a quick chat with him about his entry “Amar pelos dois”, his team, and his views on Eurovision.

Check out everything Salvador told us in this interview right here:

Hello Salvador! Thank you for taking your time for talking to us at ESCBubble. For the start of this interview, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello! Well I am just a normal guy, trying to find happiness, like everyone else. I found it in music. I also found a way to channelize it, my voice, with which I hope that someone gets a glimpse of that same happiness by hearing it. And I will continue this happiness quest for as long as my voice sings.

You tried yourself out in different music styles, from indie, to jazz, etc… What sort of style are you bringing to Fesitval da Cancao?

It’s influenced by those old songs from the Great American Songbook and it also has a touch of the beautiful bossa-nova melodies.

How did you decide to enter this year’s Festival da Cancao?

I was invited by my sister Luisa Sobral, who composed this song. And she was invited by the organization of Festival da Cancao.

Could you tell more about the story behind your song “Amar pelos dois”. What kind of song is it?

“Amar pelos dois” is a love song. A sad one.

Can you tell us about the concept of your stage performance? How is it all going to look like?

It’s just going to be me on stage, singing the song and trying to pass some emotions through it.

Why should you be the one to win Festival da Cancao and represent Portugal in Kiev?

I have no legitimacy to say whether or not I should represent Portugal in Kiev. People are free to choose whoever they want to chose.

Who do you think would be your biggest competition to win?

Everybody’s great, they are some of the best composers we have in this country.

Did you previously watch the Eurovision Song Contest, and did you have any personal favorites?

No, never watched it.

Portugal unfortunately didn’t make it to the Grand Final of Eurovision since 2010. What would you do to bring your country back to the Eurovision Final once again?

I just want to sing this song and show everybody how beautiful it is.

What other projects are you currently working on, apart from Festival da Cancao?

I’m currently touring and promoting my first album and already composing for the second one which is going to be very different from the first one, in many aspects.

Thank you very much for your time Salvador, and we wish you the very best of luck in Festival da Cancao!

Festival da Cancao kicks off this weekend with its first semi final on Sunday, and ESCBubble will of course be blogging the whole event, so stay tuned.

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  1. Antti Kuusmetso says

    Congratulations from Finland! We woted for you! Best Song ever. Happy for Portugal! Antti Kuusmetso

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