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It’s that time again when we showcase to you the best of the week’s new music, specifically chosen from your former Eurovision artists and those who took part in their National Finals. We now also bring you all of these songs with links to Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube! Check out our Spotify and YouTube playlists at the end of the article.

Benjamin Ingrosso – Costa Rica

Sweden’s 2018 representative, Benjamin Ingrosso, has been pumping out a lot of music since his 7th place with ‘Dance You Off’. He presented his debut album, “Identification” last September, which shot to number one in Sweden and now he’s moved onto to his next phase with the release of ‘Costa Rica’. The speculation in the Swedish press is that the last line of the song is about his ex-girlfriend Linnea Widmark, whose favourite place just happened to be….Costa Rica!

Alvo Oskis – Vēlreiz

We’re thrilled to see the return of one of 2019’s Supernova finalists, Aivo Oskis! Aivo made the final at his first attempt with ‘Somebody’s Got My Lover’ and now presents a new single ‘Vēlreiz’ (Eng: ‘Again’). In the past Aivo made the finals of the Latvian X Factor and he also tried his luck at the Lithunian version too. With such a pedigree behind him we wouldn’t be shocked to see him back at Supernova again.

Jessica Mauboy – Blessing

‘Blessing’ is the Aussies songstress’s third single from her latest album ‘Hilda’ and it showcases a more urban and soulful side of her. Not unlike something you’d hear on an Ariana Grande album, the 2018 Australian entrant really does sound on trend this era. Take a listen below:

Feli – Când Răsare Soarele

Feli is one of Romania’s best known pop stars, and many of you will recognise her from last year’s national selection, when she came a very close third with ‘Bună de iubit (Royalty)’. Her latest single is called ‘Când Răsare Soarele’ which translates as ‘When The Sun Rises’ and it’s a delicious ethno bop which has got toes tapping here at Bubble HQ!

Aminata – I Don’t Know

Latvia’s biggest Eurovision success of recent times, Aminata Savadogo, is back with some new music to showcase. ‘Love Injected’ powered Latvia to 6th place in 2015 and of course she then went onto write Justs 2016 Latvian entry ‘Heartbeat’. ‘I Don’t Know’ is an English version of a song she previously released called ‘Maiga vara’.

Aminata said about the song….

Initially, the song was about divorce, about the relationship that you can’t get rid of it but after a while I realised that this song is related to my inner experiences and revelations about myself and self-acceptance. Sometimes it happens – write a song and only after a while realise what it really is!

Madame Monsieur, KPoint & Greg Zlap – Bandido

A big change in style for France’s 2018 Eurovision representatives Madame Monsieur. This is a very urban hip-hop number especially with the addition of KPoint and Greg Zlap on the track. We can even hear some accordion on here! Check out ‘Bandido’ below….

Moshe Peretz & Amir Haddad – Bo’ee Nelech

Sticking with a French theme, we this time turn to France’s very successful 2016 representative, Amir. Here he’s teamed up with the famous Israeli artist, Moshe Peretz, who is currently a judge on the ‘X Factor Israel‘ and has also been runner up in ‘Dancing With The Stars‘. Bo’ee Nelech means ‘Let’s Go’ in English, so make sure you do go and listen!

Joci Pápai – Hova tűnt

Where did he go? No, we’re not talking about Joci Pápai himself, but the title of his new single in Hungarian. The two time Eurovision artist unfortunately didn’t make the Grand Final this year with ‘Az én apám’ after his 8th place finish with ‘Origo’ in 2017. However undeterred he’s back doing what he loves best, making new music. Here’s ‘Hova tűnt’:

Elena Temnikova – Обнимаю (Obnimayu)

Elena is best known for being one of the original members of the Russian band Serebro, who took part in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest finishing third with ‘Song #1’. She left the band in 2014 and has been enjoying life as a solo artist since. Her new single is titled ‘Обнимаю’ (Obnimayu) which translates in English to ‘Hugging’:

PROвокация – Не стоишь моего бита (Ne stoish’ moyego bita)

PROvokatsiya took part in the 2019 Belarusian national final, ‘Nationalny Otbor’, finishing in eighth place with their entry ‘Running Away from the Sun’. The band’s name means ‘Provocation’ in English, however they hope they don’t provoke your ears too much with their next single, the urban banger ‘Не стоишь моего бита’ (Ne stoish’ moyego bita) which apparently means ‘Not Stand My Bit’!

Kali Briis – Like I Love You

Kali Briis and his band took part in the 2015 Eesti Laul final where they finished 7th with the song ‘Idiot’. We’re not quite sure what’s happened to the band, however Kali has now knocked out six studio albums! The latest release for you to sample is called ‘Like I Love You’:

Yianna Terzi – Logia Omorfa (Stanga)

Yianna took part in Eurovision 2018 for Greece, but unluckily didn’t make the Grand Final, finishing 14th in the first semi final with ‘Óneiró mou’. Her new single is the intriguingly titled but full on banger ‘Logia Omorfa (Stanga)’ which translate to ‘Beautiful Words (Left)’:

BQL & Nika Zorjan ft Isaac Palma – Vruće

Two multiple EMA Slovenian national finalists here with BQL (2017 and 2018) and Nika Zorjan (also 2017 and 2018). The two brother duo BQL were the closest to going to ESC, and their catchy pop track ‘Heart Of Gold’ finished second in 2017. Here the two EMA artists hook up with Isaac Palma, who was a runner on the 2016 edition of ‘Slovenia’s Got Talent’. Here is ‘Vruće’ (Eng: ‘Hot’):

DoReDoS – Шоколад (Shokolad)

Our last act this week are the lively Moldovan trio DoReDoS, who of course opened many doors on stage at Eurovision 2018, finishing 10th with ‘My Lucky Day’. They have a tasty treat for us this release, with the mouth watering ‘Шоколад’ (Shokolad), which to you and me means ‘Chocolate’. It’s very much in the high tempo folky style we know them for, so have a bit here:

And Finally….

We’ve already brought you the new single by Montenegro’s Emel Franca, who of course you’ll remember from 2019’s D-Moll.

You can find all of this week’s new releases in our Spotify and YouTube Playlists below. See you next time!

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