Didrik & Emil Solli-Tangen: “When we stand side by side in the final on Saturday, that will be the biggest moment for us together”

Tomorrow marks the night where Norway will select their representative for Eurovision 2020. We’ve had five semi finals already, and now the remaining ten artists will be competing in Trondheim, Norway for their chance to fly the flag of Norway in Rotterdam! It’s also the special celebration of marking the 60th anniversary of ‘Melodi Grand Prix’!

Ahead of their performance tomorrow evening, we caught up with brothers Didrik & Emil Solli-Tangen to find out more about their song, upcoming performance and to learn just how close the two brothers are!

David: Hello Didrik & Emil! Welcome back to Melodi Grand Prix. You have both participated in different years so what made you both decide to come back but as a brotherly duet?

Didrik & Emil: We have both waited for the right time to come back, and this year, with the 60th anniversary, we thought why not together. So here we are!

David: Didrik, you won Melodi Grand Prix back in 2010 with “My Heart Is Yours” and had the rare honour of representing your home country during a contest hosted on home ground. How did you enjoy the experience, and is there anything you would change from it if you got the opportunity to do it again?

Didrik: Eurovision in Norway was an amazing experience. But also a lot of pressure. If I got to do it again I guess I would keep what I did in the Norwegian final; with the white dress jacket, violinist and pyro-rain.

David: Meanwhile Emil, you have also had a very established career in music – having the honour of being one of the youngest ever performers admitted in to the State Opera Academy in Oslo. What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

Emil: My brother, I have always looked up to him. And when he started singing I guess I saw there was a way for me to.

David: Your song “Out of Air” is a brilliant duet, but I’ve heard that originally it was intended as a solo. What prompted the change for the song and how did the duet aspect change the style of the song? What does this song mean to you both?

Didrik: Our song was originally intended for my album that I released in 2013. But it did not fit in there, and it didn’t feel right. So when we did it as a duet, the song just felt right. I think that we both can relate to the song in the way that we have been in relationships that did not work out. Even though you love that person. You may be better off on separate paths.

David: Despite having qualified automatically for the final, you did give us a performance of the song during semi-final 2. Can you give us a teaser on if you will be changing anything for the big performance at the finals in Trondheim?

Didrik & Emil: Everything….

David: Brothers sometimes have love-hate relationships! Just how close are you two? Is there any friendly competition or rivalry between the two of you?

Didrik & Emil: We have always been very close. But not very competitive. I guess we just know our place.

David: The two of you have both been involved in various performances, tours and operas over the past decade however you have also toured together – on “En broderlig aften”. What do you consider the biggest moment of your careers so far?

Didrik & Emil: I guess when we stand side by side in the final on Saturday, that this will be the biggest moment for us together.

David: The contest has continued to grow over the years, so what would the opportunity to represent Norway (again – in Didrik’s case!) at the Eurovision Song Contest mean to you both?

Didrik & Emil: It would be a great opportunity, of course. And to do such a big event together, as brothers, would be amazing!!

David: Of course our readers are mostly all big fans of Eurovision! So the one thing they’re always interested in knowing is … what are your favourite Eurovision songs?

Didrik: Fairytale – Rybak
Emil: Amar pelos dois – Salvador Sobral

David: All the best for the final and thank you for your time! Do you have a message for your fans?

Didrik & Emil: Thank you so much!! We hope to see you at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam in May!

Check out their competing song for Melodi Grand Prix “Out of Air” here:

And don’t forget to vote in the poll for your favourites:

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