Live From Torino: Day 6 – Second Rehearsals

Welcome back to the Pala Olimpico in Torino, Italy! Today we see the next set of second rehearsals, featuring the remaining three acts from semi-final 1, and the first seven of semi-final 2.

As always, ESCBubble have a team on the ground and online who will bring you all the details that you need to know and we are delighted to be live blogging today’s second rehearsals.

The big 5 will also rehearse today, but as they are first rehearsals, they will again be closed to the press, but look out for the snippets as we share them

Today we will see the following performances:

  1. Iceland: Systur – “Með Hækkandi Sól
  2. Norway: Subwoolfer – “Give That Wolf A Banana”
  3. Armenia: Rosa Linn – “Snap”
  4. Finland: The Rasmus “Jezebel”
  5. Israel: Michael Ben David – “I M”
  6. Serbia: Konstrakta – “In Corpore Sano”
  7. Azerbaijan: Nadir Rustalmi – “Fade To Black”
  8. Georgia: Circus Mircus – “Lock Me In”
  9. Malta: Emma Muscat – “I Am What I Am”
  10. San Marino: Achille Lauro – “Stripper”

Follow our live blog below and feel free to join in and comment, we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

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