LIVE: The Final of UMK17 from Finland!

Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu UMK

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11 Responses

  1. Russ Patterson says:

    Norma is likely to win. I would prefer Lauri and having Finnish language at esc! Good job Anne, you are the ideal person for this job, Great stuff.

  2. Russ Patterson says:

    My First band and their references to Paradise which is a new word for it! A bit dated sounding to these ears!

  3. Russ Patterson says:

    Zuhlke reminds me of Hera Bjork looks wise. Nice cleavage and that’s just the male dancer!!

  4. Russ Patterson says:

    Club La Perse, of course avant garde acts are there to be subversive but I am not sure there was an actual song there!

  5. Russ Patterson says:

    Lauri was my pre show favourite but I was disappointed by the staging, could have been so much more impactful given the dance beats. I would love to see the word “elama” back at ESC. I am channelling 1985!

  6. Russ Patterson says:

    Reminds me of Anouk with “Birds”. Norma trying to recreate Holly Hunter in the Piano and lo and behold a lovely piano instrumental which has been my highlight!

  7. Russ Patterson says:

    Anni Saiku, song was so boring, to me the worst possible trait for a esc song! Knucklebone Oscar – dreadful novelty not even funny unlike Gunther!

  8. Russ Patterson says:

    Alva’s singing again off key and I haven’t seen a male pony tail for many a year!

  9. Russ Patterson says:

    Emma’s vocals were a bit patchy but I still like the traditional elements to the song. Might have been assisted further if a portion of it was in Finnish for authenticity.

  10. Russ Patterson says:

    Worried that dress will catch fire? Careful now as Fr Ted would say!

  11. Russ Patterson says:

    UMK is usually amongst the best national song contests so high expectations ahead!

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