The second rehersals in Junior Eurovision 2014

On the 11th and 12th of November, the participants of Junior Eurovision 2014 had their second rehearsals. You can check out our full galleries of every rehearsal on our official Facebook page, and you can watch all the videos of the first rehearsals (as well as interviews) on our Youtube page. But now, let’s take a quick look of what happened, and how every rehearsal was.

Part 1: November, 11th

The Netherlands:

Julia from The Netherlands was the first to start her second rehearsal. The staging was almost the same as we have already seen during the Dutch national selection and during the first rehearsal, but with slightly different dance moves. Julia was wearing white trousers and a golden jacket, and it is her outfit for the show on Saturday. She was very confident on the stage, and she is ready to do her best on Friday for the jury rehearsal and on Saturday for the Final show.


The Swedish song is quite modern and easy to dance to. The graphics were urban-styled and complemented with the lyrics very well. Julia was dressed in a shiny navy blue outfit, and her dancers were wearing blue schlager-styled outfits. Julia was very good on the stage and she is ready to shine on Saturday.


Sunny is the best word to describe Betty and her performance. This smiley girl brings us a lot of sun. She was very confident in all aspects of her performance. After all rehearsals there a was an extra rehearsal to make sure that there’s enough time to bring a special set on the stage for Betty’s performance.


Alisa was wearing the same nice white dress as at the first rehearsal. This little girl is singing about angels and she really looks like a little angel on the stage. On Saturday night you will be amazed with her beautiful smile!


Vincenzo from Italy was wearing a simple black suit with a shinier jacket during his second rehearsal. His hair was styled to look a bit messy. As soon as he began to sing, the stage turned into red and blue, colours which dominated the stage during the entire performance. The background animation changes with the dynamic of the song and we get some yellow and white lights at the dramatic parts as well. His vocals are great, and he hits the high notes with no problems, and we get a goosebumps-all-over experience.


The girls of Sympho-Nick were wearing their blue gowns as they did during the first rehearsal. The background animation helps to tell a story of a beanstalk, but the cameras don’t really show the LED screens, so hopefully there will be some changes until Saturday. They didn’t have any vocal issues, the harmonies sounded clear and on point. There was a problem with their earpieces though, but they had the chance to do the rehearsal again.


The outfits of Krisia, Hasan and Ibrahim complemented each other, Krisia’s red bow on the back of her dress was the same color as the guys’ bow ties. The stage has a fairytale theme once again, but this time it’s a castle. The road to the castle is shaped like the keys of a piano, which is a creative idea, considering there are two young piano players on stage. The main color is purple, which looks great, but doesn’t compliment the black/white/red theme of their dresses. Krisia didn’t sing the chorus of the song today, because she’s resting her vocals.


Sophia was wearing blue sneakers with a white dress, she told us during our interview that this will be her final outfit for Saturday. She’s completely alone on stage. There are some colour changes thoughout the song, but the main animation is lightning. She rocks the catwalk towards the end of the song.

Part 2: November, 13th


The graphics at the beginning of the performance were different from what we saw during the first rehearsal. Lizi was wearing nice red dress. She definitely knows how to rock the stage and get the attention of the audience. And be prepared to be charmed by Lizi on Saturday!


Masa and Lejla were very relaxed on stage, and they were having a lot of fun. During the rehearsal they tried some variants for their performance to choose the best one. They really have a nice plan how to be a kid for a day and they will show it for you on Saturday!


Josie’s second rehearsal was much better than the first one. She and her team definitely decided how they want their performance to look like on stage. Josie was dressed in red. She tried to do her best during the rehearsal, and was happy with the result.

San Marino:

The girls from San Marino had matching dresses, but with different coloured skirts. Blue colours dominate the LED screens during the whole song, and the choreography is very well developed and fits the song. They make great harmonies and no vocal mistakes. At the end we get a memorable performance and a song stuck in our heads.


Emilija was sitting at the piano, and then she walked down the catwalk as the bridge of the song started. Her was wearing a beautiful black-white costume, and she gave an impressive vocal performance once again. The attention is always on her face, and her emotions. The best words to describe her performance would be nice and tender, yet very powerful.


Ula was very confident during her second rehearsal, and she managed to hit all the high notes with ease. She was wearing a white one piece dress with sneakers. Today they also used pyrotechnics, which looked quite impressive on screen. This is also the first time ever that Slovenia uses pyrotechnics in a Eurovision event!  Ula really knows how to work with cameras and to get the attention of the audience.


The second rehearsal went really well for Federica. Her vocals were flawless as always, and the graphics made the song even more powerful than it already is. She immerses herself completely in the performance, and it’s obvious that she enjoys singing this song. She definitely makes her country proud.


Nadezhda sang very well today, and she brought the wild style to the stage with feathers and brown dresses. The backdrop changes several times during the performance. Nadezhda is more than ready, and eager to open the show on Saturday!

Tonight we shall see the Jury Final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The juries in all the participating countries will watch the show tonight, and base their votes on it, which will then represent 50% of the final score. Tomorrow night is the Grand Final, when the other 50% of the results will be determined, by televoting.

Stay with us tonight, as we will be live blogging about the Jury Final.

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