Helgi Valur: “I am the bomb”

Helgi Valur from Iceland is a newcomer in the Söngvakeppnin contest, but he is very experienced in many ways musician. ESCBubble had a very interesting chat with the singer and got to know, that Helgi is not “typical Eurovision artist”.

The truth is I’ve always been ready for Eurovision since I saw Sandra Kim in 1986.

Hello Helgi! Congratulation for making it to the semi final stage of the Söngvakeppnin 2016! How did you decide to enter the contest this year?

I got a call from the guy who wrote the song and he asked if I would possibly want to sing his song. I’d been waiting for that call for 6 years so I was excited. Being an Indie/alternative artist people assume that I don’t like Eurovision. The truth is I’ve always been ready for Eurovision since I saw Sandra Kim in 1986.

You are a new artist for our readers outside Iceland (and Denmark), can you please tell us more about yourself.

I’ve released 4 albums. 3 with original material of rock nature, but also one trubadour hip hop cover album where I cover 90’s rap like Snoop and 2pac. I’m kind of a big deal. I hope Eurovision is ready for me.

What should we expect from the artist Helgi Valur? In what musical style do you perform?

In 2010 I released the album Electric Ladyboy Land, where I wore gold latex and sun glasses with a lot of glimmer. So in Eurovision I’m going back to the glam rock style. I figured if I’m gonna do Eurovision I might as well be fabulous.

Every artist has something special, people say “he/she hast it”. How can you describe “it” about yourself?

I am the bomb. Is that an “it”. I think so.

Can you please tell us about your entry song for Söngvakeppnin 2016? What’s the main message of it?

It’s about an evil woman. A femme fatale type woman that wraps men around her finger. In the song I’m warning my friend. I’m saying “she’s dangerous”. Still I might just want her for my self. I do like bad bitches

Eurovision is a competition for every musical style, but most of the songs are usually performed in pop style. In your opinion, what are the advantages of non-pop styled songs in Eurovision?

I have to say none. Cause Eurovision is Pop par excellance. If you’re not here to have fun you shouldn’t really show up.

What is your inspiration for singing?

Well to answer your question I have to ask, like Maya Angelou once did, “Why does the caged bird sing”?

How would you describe your ideal song that you would like to perform?

I’d like to perform Future’s Throw Away or something by Prince, but the song I’m singing is the next best thing.

Thank you Helgi for your answers and good luck on Saturday!

Give a watch to the video for his Helgi Valur’s Eurovision entry Óvær! Seems Electric Ladyboy is back!


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