Freschta: ”I hope that the audience will feel the song as much as I do.”

Freschta, from Switzerland, will participate in the Swiss national selection for Eurovision 2017, with her song ”Gold”. She will compete alongside 5 other artists with the hope of obtaining the golden ticket to represent her country in Kyiv, at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. She took the time to talk to ESCBubble about her song and her participation in the Swiss national selection for Eurovision:

What was your first reaction when you were told that you would compete in the Swiss national final for Eurovision 2017?

Pure happiness. I feel blessed. This is my second attempt to reach the national final and I`m so happy that the swiss jury like the song and my performance.

Why did you decide to enter the Swiss national selection for Eurovision this year with your song ‘’Gold’’?

My producer came up with the idea for a new attempt for ESC and my friend Ira May wrote the song ”Gold” for me. I was involved in the development process of the song. Ira May is a swiss singer and songwriter and her own albums reached the swiss Top10 album charts.

How would you describe your song in a few words? Is there message behind your song?

It is about lovesickness… the eternal theme for songs. Deep feelings, loss and the way to deal with it. But for me it is about Music. I missed being on a big stage after „The Voice of Switzerland“, so I relate this song to Music.

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself and your musical career?

The moment when everything started for me was my participation at ”The Voice of Switzerland” 2014, where I reached the semifinal. After ”The Voice” there were some projects in the music business, but in the past years my focus was on a vocational training in the commercial sector. My first application for the ESC was in 2015 and now I`m in the final show with ”Gold”.

Do you have other plans for 2017?

Yes, in 2017 I want to promote my musical career with my first own album. There isn`t a release date yet, but we are working on it. For updates follow me on facebook and visit my homepage, here

Do you have any goals for the national final this year?

”Gold” is a ballad, a melancholic song and I hope that the audience will feel the song so much as I do. And of course it would be fantastic, if I could represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev.

What would it mean for you to get the chance to represent your country in Kyiv?

It would mean much to me to show the world that Switzerland has talented musicians, which are worth discovering. To sing is fulfillment for me and I`m sure… to be on such a huge eurovision stage while I`m singing, would be great.

Are you a Eurovision fan? What are your favourite Eurovision songs?

Yes, I’m a fan, but not such a great fan, that I know all songs before the TV Shows. I usually watch Eurovision with my mother. My favourite song is Euphoria and my favourite swiss song was „Time to shine“ from Mélanie René.

What do you think of the previous Swiss participants in Eurovision?

I think they all were great musicians and singers. Some songs I liked more than others. For me all the musicians who make it to the ESC are very professional and talented.

Do you have any special ideas (ex: dancers, choreography…) for your live performance during the national selection?

The only thing, I can tell you: The performance will be focussed on the song and not on fire explosions on the stage.

Do you have musical inspirations?

Jessie J and Adam Lambert, but I like listening to every kind of music except heavy metal. 

What would you like to say to your fans who are going to support during the national final?

Enjoy the whole show, I think it will be entertaining. And vote for me at if you like my Song ”Gold”. Apart from whether I’m the lucky one that will be allowed to represent Switzerland or not: Have a lot of fun with the Eurovision Song Contest 2017!

Fun facts about Freschta:

What is your favourite …?

  • Song: I have no favourite… there are too many songs I love.
  • Book: same like above
  • Artist: same like above
  • Movie: A walk to Remember
  • Sport: as a spectator: Soccer, to do it myself: Basketball
  • Dish: Mantu, Dough Bags, a specialty from Afghanistan

We would like to thank Freschta for taking the time to do this interview and wish her the best of luck for the national selection. Until then, you can watch her performance during the expert check:

If Freschta is your personal favorite in the Swiss Eurovision selection, make sure you cast your vote for her in our poll here:

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