The Melodifestivalen 2017 voting results in detail

Last Saturday, the Swedish final for the Eurovision Song Contest was held: Melodifestivalen 2017. The final was won by Robin Bengtsson with ‘I Can’t Go On’ and he will go on to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Seeing as the full results are not disclosed during the heats, second chance round (Andra Chansen) and even not in exact numbers in the final, the full results are often anxiously awaited by Melodifestivalen fans. Not disclosing the numbers in the heats is to give the Andra Chansen and final qualifiers an equal chance to do well. Here are the full results per show:

Semi Final 1

Boris René         895,618        89,512         985,130 
Adrijana         407,097                 –         407,097
Dinah Nah         693,220        42,010         735,230
De Vet Du         870,399        48,384         918,783  
Charlotte Perrelli         399,536                 –         399,536
Ace Wilder         981,435        84,811      1,066,246
Nano      1,056,413      122,263      1,178,676 

Nano dominated in the first heat, getting over 1 million votes in the first round of voting alone, which is the highest amount any entry has ever gotten in the first voting round. He set a record. Ace managed to stay ahead of Boris René who ended 3rd in this heat not far behind. De Vet Du were 4th with a good lead over Dinah Nah on 5th place.

Semi Final 2

Mariette         997,489        93,211      1,090,700
Roger Pontare         681,661        61,404         743,065 
Etzia         363,025                 –         363,025  
Allyawan         346,299                 –         346,299 
Dismissed         668,878        76,880         745,758 
Lisa Ajax         969,355        67,178      1,036,533
Benjamin Ingrosso         966,140        93,588      1,059,728   

In the second heat, however, things were much closer. Mariette managed to win a heat once again, but it was really close this time! She managed to narrowly beat Benjamin Ingrosso, who narrowly managed to stay ahead of Lisa Ajax, who, however, got a good lead herself over Dismissed. Dismissed have been very lucky they beat Roger Pontare for that Andra Chansen-spot as this was a very, very tight race.

Semi Final 3

Robin Bengtsson         945,977        85,502      1,031,479
Krista Siegfrids         407,769                 –         407,769 
Anton Hagman         811,844        68,796         880,640   
Jasmine Kara         672,565                 –         672,565   
Owe Thornqvist         803,452      158,074         961,526   
Bella & Filippa         783,759        83,582         867,341   
FO&O         825,454        87,576         913,030  

In the first round of voting Robin Bengtsson won and this proved just enough to win the entire heat. Interesting things happened behind him, though. Based on the first round alone, FO&O would’ve gone to the final with him. In the second voting, however, Owe Thörnquist ran away and received almost 70 000 more than FO&O and went to the final instead of them. FO&O came third and Bella & Filippa narrowly lost out to Anton Hagman, who went to Andra Chansen.

Semi Final 4

Jon Henrik Fjallgren feat. Aninia         815,030 101,324         916,354
Alice         673,153 49,243         722,396
Les Gordons         400,845         400,845 
Wiktoria         987,935 84,445      1,072,380
Axel Schylstrom         671,044 59,683         730,727
Sara Varga & Juha Mulari         219,558         219,558
Loreen         768,421 104,230         872,651

The fourth heat was not won by Loreen, not even by Jon Henrik & Aninia but by Wiktoria with 21,73% of the votes, the highest share in a heat this year! Loreen did get the most votes in the second round of voting but it was too late already: Wiktoria and Jon Henrik & Aninia were too far ahead. Axel Schylström fought a fierce battle with Alice in the first voting round but he just got the edge in the second one, making him qualify to Andra Chansen while Alice left the contest.

Andra Chansen

FO&O         970,831
De Vet Du         860,182 
Axel Schylstrom         926,610 
Lisa Ajax         932,362   
Boris Rene      1,061,289
Dismissed         607,015  
Anton Hagman         975,547 
Loreen         889,873

We already know the actual placements in the outcome of Andra Chansen and the final, but worth pointing out is how extremely close one duel in Andra Chansen was. Lisa Ajax won with 50,15% over Axel Schylström who received 49,85% of the votes. This was the closest duel ever in Andra Chansen.


Ace Wilder                920,421  
Boris Rene                904,646 
Lisa Ajax                847,353
Robin Bengtsson            1,435,963
Jon Henrik Fjallgren feat. Aninia            1,395,012
Anton Hagman            1,058,232
Mariette            1,068,531
FO&O                962,987 
Nano            1,627,843 
Wiktoria            1,474,526
Benjamin Ingrosso                961,104
Owe Thornqvist                910,160

The winner of the entire contest was, as known already: Robin Bengtsson with ‘I Can’t Go On’ and he will be representing Sweden in the first semi-final on the 9th of May.
Listen to his winning song here:


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