Application process and prices for EuroCafe revealed!

Following on from the announcement of the dates and venue of this years EuroCafe the OGAE Portugal have now revealed the details of the application process and costs for a weekly pass to the venue.

The details are as follows:


The EuroCafe’s schedule will be divided into two parts: day and night.  Daytime programming will be open to the public.  However due to space restrictions, nighttime entry will require a weekly pass.


In the first phase only members of OGAE clubs will be allowed to apply for tickets.  Each OGAE club will have access to a minimum number of passes.


A weekly pass will cost 60 Euros.


The application process for OGAE members will open on Sunday 22nd April at 10.00am (Portuguese Time).  You will need to visit the following website to acquire a pass  Information about the schedule of the Euroclub will be posted on the same site.

What do you think of the cost and process of gaining entry to the Euroclub?  Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Monica Flood says

    I have no problem with the price as I think it’s a great idea and it will be worth it. What’s been annoying about this year’s contest is the faffing around with websites that don’t work well or efficiently. I’ve spent a lot more than 60Euro of my time trying to access ticket sales and now I’m hanging around wondering when fan cafe registration will open to everyone. If I go away and come back, it will probably have sold out.

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