Adriana Miglane: ‘It’s all about experience and growing as an artist’

Supernova, Latvia’s selection process for The Eurovision Song Contest, reaches it’s second and last semi final on Saturday, where 8 artists are competing for the last 4 places in the Grand Final which will be held on February 16th

Today, we chat to the gorgeous Adriana Miglane, an 18 year old singer from Latvia who finished 3rd in the first season of X Faktors in Latvia, and got through to the Finals of The Voice of Lithuania late last year.

Hi Adriana, so good to see you in the contest! Tell us a bit more about your background

Hello, thank you so much for this interview!
Well, I started singing when I was 3 years old and now I’m 18! I started my musical career when I was 12 , when I made my first cover on YouTube which now have reached almost 200,000 views then I wrote my own songs and made covers too! So I took part on a lot of International contests and not only in Latvia but also in Georgia , Armenia , the United States (New York) , Lithuania , England and so on.
I’ve always dreams of taking part on an X factor show, so I travelled to England to try ( because in Latvia we didn’t have the show at that time) but I was too young and too raw, I needed more experience, I was only 15 years old! I always think that wining isn’t the main thing , it’s all about experience and growing as an artist! So last year I took part in X factor in Latvia , where I came 3rd , and after that show I went to Lithuania where I was finalist in “The Voice of Lithuania”. I know the Lithuanian language , that’s why I decided to go to Lithuania. And right now, I’m in High school, in the 12 grade , so I have graduation next year.

After your tremendous success in X Faktors in 2017, what made you try out for Lietuvos Balsas last year?

Well, I don’t ever want to stop, I want to grow and grow as an artist, so I knew it was a great opportunity, but the main reason I chose Lithuania is because I know the Lithuanian language, I have a lot of cousins there and aunts.

It’s great to see you in Supernova at last, was this always your intention?

I’ve always wanted to be in a Supernova but I knew I would only enter with a song if I love it and live it , and this song ”Scared of love”, IS that song!

Lets talk about your song “Scared of Love” – written by My Radiant You (Supernova finalists on 2 occasions) singer Jānis Driksna and fellow Supernova auditionee Monta Ķimene. How did this song come about?

The song is about love, but it’s not a usual type of love song. Everybody has love in their lives and sometimes we are so scared of love, because we don’t know what to expect. Sometimes love can be so painful, sometimes so beautiful, and you can’t live without it. I could write a book about my opinion of love, and we all have our own thoughts about love and so on. So the song is about that all magic that happens when you love someone.

I didn’t participate in the writing of “Scared of love” but it was very interesting story! I was at home when I had a phone call and the producers of the song said “Adriana , we have a song , listen and tell what you think. Do you want go to Supernova 2019?” So I listened and at that moment when I heard it, I was just all in goosebumps and that’s happens very rarely to me! If I have that feeling then it’s the right song , and I fell in love with “Scared Of Love”. When I sing it I feel a lot of emotions, it’s like you sing and you get that feeling “ This song is about me , every word “ I sing with all my heart

“Scared of Love” is a mid-tempo contemporary number. Is this the sort of song you enjoy singing?

With all my heart!

I think the song lends itself to some great staging, are you able to give us any hints about what we will see?

You will see the story of the song in the staging, but let’s keep it a secret until Saturday!

It’s great to see 4 of the finalists from X Faktors season 1 in Supernova this year (and 1 presenter!) I saw on Instagram that you all got together recently, have you kept in touch since the contest?

Yes, we have. I wish them all the best, because I think we must support each other.

And finally, what is in store for your after Supernova 2019?

I will write music and do other things to grow as an artist, and most importantly,  I will do what I love to do – sing. It’s not important to win, it’s important to learn.

Thank you Adriana, and best of luck on Saturday! Watch the lyric video for Scared of Love here, and stream on Spotify here which counts towards the public vote!

Vote for your 4 favourites from semi final 2 here and let us know who YOU think should qualify for the Grand Final on February 16th.

Stay with us at ESCBubble as we bring you all the news from Riga and we will have exclusive content live from the studio during the Final!

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