Ann-Louise Hanson: “We were convinced Abba would win”.

Ahead of Semi final 4 of this weekends Melodifestivalen we spoke to Ann-Louise Hanson who’s going to be competing with a song that was partly composed by her daughter called “Kärleken finns kvar” which translates as ‘Love remains”.

Many of Ann-Louise solo recordings from the 1960s feature Bruno Glenmarks Orkester who’s also been involved in Melodifestivalen entries nine times, and, following their marriage, Ann-Louise and Bruno Glenmark formed the group Glenmarks with Bruno’s niece Karin and nephew Anders. The group took part in the Melodifestivalen in 1974 which was famously won by Abba. Glenmarks also had their own Recording studio Glenstudio which was also used by Abba to record Abba’s songs.

Ann-Louise holds the honour of entering the Melodifestivalen thirteen times. Of those entries, the songs “Bara en enda gång” (a duet with John Ballard) and “Kärleken lever” are amongst her best remembered. Ann-Louise also attempted to represent Germany at the Eurovision in 1962. Having moved to France with Bruno in the late 1980s, Ann-Louise now lives in Sweden. Ann was also best friends with the late Lill- Babs who sadly passed away last year (2018).

Hi Ann-Louise. Congratulations on being chosen for the Melodifestivalen again! What made you want to return to the competition?

Partly because my daughter, Josefin, is one of the composers of the song I am going to sing. Special for me! Also I have had to say no to the competition some years earlier , so now, as I liked the song very much, it was time for a YES.

When did you turn down Melodifestivalen?

It was not a specific song. I was asked if I would like to take part in Melo then, but I did not want to at the time. This year my daughter Josefin is one of the composers and that is a different story for me.

You competed in the 1974 Melodifestivalen which was won by Abba. What was it like being in the same Melodifestivalen as them?

I spoke to them as old friends. Anifrid liked our song very much but we were convinced that they would win. At the time, 1974, ABBA recorded a lot in our recording-studio -Glenstudio.

What are your plans for Melodifestivalen?

My plan this year is to try and sing as good as I possibly can and let the song live its own life. My daughter plus two very good singing background vocalists will take part in the song.

What is your song about?

The lyrics are about memories of friends and relatives that have passed away recently or earlier and especially my best friend and colleague-the well known Swedish singer Lill Babs, who passed away in April. She is always present in my mind.

How does singing solo compare to being in a band?

It is easier to control your vocal-part if you are alone of course. It’s easier to sing in-tune.

What style are you going for in your song?

The style of my song is Modern Country pop.

How are you going to stage your song?

It will look like an old-fashioned dressing-room situated behind the stage.

What language will you be singing in?

I will be singing in swedish as SVT asked me to.

Has anyone helped you?

My daughter Josefin has done alot for me. She is the composer and lyricist together with Ollie Olson and David Lindgren Zackarias. (David Lindgren Zackarias has written for Sanna Nielsen and Magnus Carlsson)

Are you doing any other projects at the moment?

I have some concerts on contracts (in Berwaldhallen in Stockholm and on tour in Sweden).

What’s been your favourite Swedish song at the Eurovision?

The favorite song for me is:  “I Annorlunda Land” which the band I was in Glenmarks sund in 1974

What’s been your favourite Melodifestivalen that you’ve appeared in so far?

1974.  The year ABBA won and we (The vocal-group Glenmarks) performed “I annorlunda land”. (You can see this below)

You can here a snippet of Ann-Louise’s song for this year by going to the link below:

Ann-Louise Thanks for talking to us and the best of luck for Melodifestivalen!

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