Daníel Óliver: “My song is mostly about relationships in connection with social media”

We caught up with Daníel Óliver who’s competing in Semi Final 1 of the Icelandic National Final Söngvakeppnin this Saturday (9th February).

Hi Daníel. Congratulations on being chosen for Söngvakeppnin. How did your song get chosen?
This year 5 songs were written by songwriters that the network chose and 5 songs were chosen from submission. Mine is one of them. 

What is your song about?
It’s mostly about relationships in connection with social media. When we break up with someone or get dumped we keep seeing that person on social media via updates and it’s hard when the other person seems to be moving on quicker than you are. That’s what’s the song is about. 

You’ve performed your song in both Icelandic and English. Which language would you prefer to sing the song in?
We wrote the song in English so I’m hoping to get to the finals so I get the chance to sing it in English. I think the song is a bit more fun in English. 

What inspired you to write ‘Licky Licky’ ?
Well it was actually late at night in the studio. We didn’t know what words we wanted to have in the chorus so I just sang “Licky Licky” as a kind of a joke. It then got stuck in our heads so we decided to keep it. It can be interpreted as “dirty” but we look at it more as a fun word to have in a song.. I kinda like it 😊

What are your plans for Söngvakeppnin?
Well… one of the first thing I learned about live performances when you are stressed about going on stage and you think everyone will judge you was to remove yourself from the equation. I just remind myself that this isn’t about me at all. It’s about the people at home that have gathered for a good night and they want to have fun and my mission is to deliver that to them. It really takes the pressure off when you think about it like that.  

How are you going to stage your song? Will it have any choreography?
Yes! Since it is a club song I will have two amazing dancers with me. I won’t be dancing much since I have a hard time singing and dancing at the same time. I mean who can do that? Beyonce sure but she is a whole other level.  I’m just gonna focus on my singing and maybe do a move or two. 

Has anyone helped you?
I wouldn’t be here without the ton of people who have help me on a daily basis. My Mum is running our restaurant while I am rehearsing and my friends and family do their best to support me and make sure I don’t get too stressed or nervous. It really takes an army. 

What’s been your favourite Icelandic song at the Eurovision?
The song “Draumur um Nínu” or just Nina like we call it here in Iceland is probably my favourite. I also love “Is it true” with Jóhanna Guðrún. She has such an amazing voice. 

What’s been your favourite song at the Eurovision?
Euphoria! Without a doubt! 

Are you doing any other projects at the moment?
I am writing more songs to release this year, both for me and for others and then I have a restaurant with my Mum and we’re pretty busy so yeah. I got some stuff going on 🙂 

Why should your song be chosen to represent Iceland in this years Eurovision?
Well it shouldn’t unless I give people a good performance and they choose it because of that. There are 9 other songs that have just as much chance of going and I think all of them could be a great representatives for Iceland. I am not a competitive person at all and I really hope for the best for everyone. 

Thanks Daníel and Good Luck in Söngvakeppnin!

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