Kim: “My performance will be something new, something spectacular and fierce!”

EMA 2019 will take place on the February 16th, 8 PM CET, at RTVSLO1, while 10 artists will be in running to represent Slovenia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, which will happen in Tel Aviv, Israel later this year. This time we had a nice chat with Kim, who’ll try win EMA 2019 with her uptempo track ‘Rhythm Back To You’.

Hey, Kim! Thank you for taking your time for our interview!
Thank you! It’s nothing but a pleasure

This is your debut performance at EMA, but it’s not your first music stage ever. Can you tell us more about your music journey so far?
I have had a lot of musical experiences already, from different countries and teachers, and I’ve stood on a lot of big stages before, but EMA 2019 is definitely a first one which is so important. I did a lot of classes in London, UK with various vocal coaches, but my favorite is Jousha Alamu. He’s also a vocal coach for various international artists, just like Rita Ora and Little Mix. I’ve took a songwriting course at Berklee College of Music Boston online, as well. I’m also very interested in production and jazz singing. My goal is to write and produce my own songs one day.

You’ve performed a theme song for a Slovenian movie ‘Vloga za Emo’ – what kind of experience was that for you?
Working for such a huge movie production was absolutely amazing! I was colaborating with a lot of professionals in motion picture industry, and it was something new, interesting and exciting for me. I have met a lot of good people that soon became very close to me. I’m very proud of the fact that three of my songs are in that movie. The movie later got the Golden award for “best movie of the year”.

Composing team behind your song ‘Rhythm Back To You’ is amazing – how did you end up working with them, including Maraaya, who successfully represented Slovenia at the Eurovision 2015?
It’s an honour to work with such an amazing and talented people in the music industry and I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet, to have such an amazing team! They’ve made an awesome track with co-producers from Sweden, named Jimmy Jansson, Samuel Waermö and Art Hunter. Marjetka and Raay are like my second parents and i love and respect them both so much.

Kim will open the competition, since she’s performing first. (Photo: Kim Archive)

Our readers will be glad to hear that most of your music is made in English – is there an specific reason you’re singing in English most of your time?
I have grown very fond of the English language and I feel like I can express myself and my feelings more detailed in English. It’s also an international language so more people can understand what I’m saying and the message I’m trying to send throough my songs.

We’ve heard a little snippet of your song, are you planning to do a music video for ‘Rhythm Back To You’?
Of course, there will be music video as well, but since the main focus is now on the EMA 2019 performance, we will schedule a shoot right after EMA and I’m so much looking forward to do it already!

Kim’s EMA 2019 entry “Rhythm Back To You” was written by Maraaya, along with Jimmy Jansson, Samuel Waermö and Art Hunter.

I’m sure that such a powerful song needs a fabulous outfit, did you choose yours already?
Of course – my dress is still in the making, it’s beautiful and it’s going to be designed by an amazing Slovenian fashion designer, Lea Behek. I’ve connected with Lea on so many levels, however I’m more than glad that she recognized my personality through making my dress, so I’ll feel even more special on the EMA 2019 stage.

In case you win EMA this year you’ll travel to Tel Aviv – are you familiar with the contest and have you been following it earlier already? Do you have any all-time favourites?
I am absolutely familiar with the contest. I’ve been a huge fan of Eurovision since I was a little kid. It was always a dream of mine to represent Slovenia on a stage as big as Eurovision Song Contest is. My all-time favourites are last years’ winner Netta – Toy, our 2011 representative Maja Keuc with No one and Loreen – Euphoria.

Can you tell us more about your stage performance, are you already working on it?
My performance will be something new, something spectacular and fierce! I’m adding new things to the choreography all the time, so I can promise you it will be amazing!

Thanks, Kim. Do you have a message for your international fans here at the
I hope the people will love my song and my performance. I want them to know that I am working very hard to amaze them. Looking forward for Eurovision 2019!

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