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Eurovision and national final stars past and present have been super busy this summer releasing tonnes of new music and this week was no different! We’ve rounded up all the hottest new releases for you so make sure you check out our review of the next batch of singles!

Sergey Lazarev – Goddess (Russia 2016/2019)

Sergey Lazarev has just released his latest studio album ‘Ya ne boyus” and included is the pop banger bonus track ‘Goddess’. It is being speculated that this is actually a song that Sergey almost took to Eurovision on his return earlier this year in place of ‘Scream‘. It’s far from the power ballad he presented, a slick up-tempo track which perfectly balances between an exciting dance track with an interesting backing before an explosive finish. We reckon this could have done incredibly well at the Eurovision Song Contest!

AWS – Még Lélegzem (Hungary 2018)

Hungarian metalcore band have a very clear direction as a rock band and ‘Még lélegzem’ does not stray from what we expect from them. The chorus in particular stands out as being exciting and memorable, sticking to their melodic metal inspirations. A definite headbanger!

Bella Santiago – Pantera (Romania NF, 2018/2019)

Since winning the X Factor Romania earlier this year, Bella Santiago has shot to prominence and ‘Army of Love‘ – her track from this years Selectia Nationala – really cemented her as a fan favourite. ‘Pantera’ is a sultry, latin-inspired bop with some really dirty beats. Bella looks absolutely incredible in the music video – which you can check out below:

SunStroke Project – D.F.M.M (Moldova 2010/2017)

Moldovan kings SunStroke Project have once again released a track which perfectly infuses epic Sax guy’s beautiful instrumental sections in to very modern, pop music. ‘D.F.M.M’ [Don’t F*ck My Mind] is a definite dancefloor filler as we do all we can to dance as well as Sergey Stepanov.

Nina Kraljić – Mala Ljubav (Croatia 2016)

Nina Kraljić has done it once again and gone and created yet another incredible composition. ‘Mala ljubav’ is vocal perfection, blending folk influences and string for a beautiful ballad. Nina’s voice has never sounded stronger and overall it gives it a very antique, classic Disney vibe. It’s not yet on Spotify but check out Nina in the official audio below.

Tina Karol – Вабити (Ukraine 2006)

Thirteen years since she appeared at the Eurovision Song Contest, but Tina Karol’s music career is still very much alive. Her latest release is a very fun, modern-sounding pop track.

EyeCue – Too Late (Macedonia 2018)

Over the past year, Macedonian duo EyeCue have been very busy! They’ve performed at a number of Eurovision events across the world, from the UK to Australia and released a number of original songs. The latest of which, ‘Too Late’ is once again a serve! Marija’s vocals are continuing to sound even better with this very poppy track.

Linus Bruhn, Selina Mour – More Than Friends (German NF 2019)

Young German singer Selina Mour has teamed up with National Final contestant Linus Bruhn for ‘More Than Friends’. The track is a pop duet and we are really impressed with how well their voices work together! It’s a super commercial and radio-friendly song and Linus could very well be the German Justin Bieber if he continues with this style!

Lena Philipsson – Du Ljuger (Sweden 2004)

Lena has once again released an amazing pop track in ‘Du Ljuger’ [You’re Lying], the composition featuring electronic components. The pop transition in to a gospel finish at the end was super unexpected but really works. The song itself is about the fact that nobody needs to perfect.

Elena Risteska – The Reason (Macedonia 2006)

A perhaps unexpected release comes from Macedonian singer Elena Risteska. It’s been over ten years since her last English release in 2008 but ‘The Reason’ is a powerful pop ballad which see’s Elena’s voice really rise to the challenge.

3JS – De Toekomst (Netherlands 2011)

Dutch trio 3JS have been together for almost 20 years now! They represented the Netherlands back in 2011 but placed last in the semi final. New track ‘De Toekomst’ sounds almost like a Dutch version of Arvingarna, which certainly is not a bad thing! A decent pop song with a toe-tapping beat.

September ft. Birgitta Haukdal – Aðeins nær þér (Iceland 2003)

Swedish singer September has teamed up with Iceland’s 2003 representative, Birgitta Haukdal for this fantastic collaboration! The dance-pop track has a banging chorus and the Icelandic language compliments it so well. All in all, the verses sound pretty and sweet but then that chorus is pure fuego!

Aurela Gace – Me Mbaj (Albania 2011)

Aurela Gace is one of Albania’s biggest names and this new song ‘Me Mbaj’ [Hold On] is a pop track with ethnic Turkic & Latin elements. The chorus is simple but beautifully effective, providing a depth of sultriness we didn’t expect.

Litesound – Arcade Games (Belarus 2012)

Pop rock band Litesound weren’t able to qualify in 2012 with ‘We Are The Heroes’ however seven years on and they are still releasing pop-rock tracks. The song has a great hook however the best part is definitely the synths, electric beats and electric guitar instrumentals. It gives it a signature unique sound which we are absolutely loving!

The Hardkiss – Хто, як не ти (Ukraine NF 2016)

The Hardkiss have one of the most recognisable sounds and this new song is exactly what we have come to expect and love from them. An impressive blend of rock and synthpop with a unique vocal. The end result? Songs that we can’t stop hitting the replay button on.

Leea Nanos – Don’t Call Me (Australia NF 2019)

Leea’s national final song ‘Set Me Free’ was a mysterious and at times dark pop song, whereas follow-up ‘Don’t Call Me’ featuring Caleb.TheRapper is a much more radio-friendly pop track, with a clear message that she is over her past lovers rubbish. Her voice shines and the unique tone is hard to describe, as it’s so soft it almost has Mabel-like qualities to it.

Famous Oberogo – Bulla (Spain NF 2019)

Famous was crowned the winner of Operación Triunfo series 10 however unlike his predecessor was unable to win the ticket to Eurovision too. He’d spent the whole series letting everybody know that he wanted to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest but the voting public did not take him up on his offer. That all seems a world away as he releases debut single ‘Bulla’. A dirty urban dance banger with afrobeats. This would’ve gone down very well in Tel Aviv!

Molly Hammar, Janice – Doing Wrong (Sweden NF 2015/2016)

Molly must be one of the busiest singers in Sweden as it seems every week she has a new song out! Her latest is a collaboration with up-and-coming singer Janice. Their voices gel incredibly well together with the end result being a very polished, soulful pop song. This is definitely one of her best!

Noémie – Fragile (France NF 2019)

Noémie was unable to reach the final of this years French national selection however that hasn’t halted her music career. ‘Fragile’ is a pop ballad which allows her voice to really shine. The high notes near the end are simply divine.

Līga Rīdere – Tu neesi viens (Latvia NF 2019)

Latvian singer Līga Rīdere had her Supernova debut earlier this year and impressed many with her song. New release ‘Tu neesi viens’ is a lovely mid-tempo, guitar-led ballad. Her voice is a lot more powerful than we remember it!

We’ll see you later in the week for even more of the hottest new music as Summer draws to a close including by Finnish star Krista Siegfrids! Let us know in the comments which songs you’re loving the most.

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