Lee Smithurst on a UK announcement: “I think it’ll be early next year”.

UK Series Producer Lee Smithurst has spoken about the UK’s plans for 2021, saying that an announcement could be made early next year.

Speaking to Eurovision Podcast, The Euro Trip about choosing a song for this year, Lee said:

We met a few different labels and production companies… BMG were the most enthusiastic. They didn’t see it as a poisoned chalice like quite alot of people do… They have some of the best songwriters.

Talking of the UK’s approach to Eurovision this year, Lee said:

We wanted the UK to be credible again. It’s a long term goal of what do we need to do to attract bigger artists.. You need to lay the foundations for a couple of years..

You could win the Eurovision one year and then still come last year. It’s got to be better than that, we could be doing better for five to ten years in a row. I think the Dutch example is a good one.. They’ve got a string of credible hits, and that’s what we should be doing.

Lee also discussed the plans for the staging of this year’s UK song saying:

There was a huge LED cube which had a girl inside it. The plan was that James would be on this cube, it would be filled with water… On the chorus James was going to strike the box and the water would empty out all over the floor of the stage.

When asked about The BBC’s plans for next year, Lee said:

I think it’ll be early next year… Everything’s still being fine tuned. You don’t wanna say anything before everyone’s happy and everyone’s on the same page. We just need to make sure that everything’s like that before we say.

James Newman was due to represent The UK this year, with The BBC yet to announce their plans for next year. You can hear the full interview with Lee by clicking here.

You can see The UK’s song for this year below:

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