SVT reveals full results for Melodifestivalen 2021!

Swedish broadcaster SVT, this morning revealed the full results for the 2021 edition of Melodifestivalen giving us the voting figures and points for every semi-final, Andra Chansen and the Grand Final. The 4 Semi-final winners were Danny Saucedo, Dotter, Tusse and The Mamas.

Semi-Final 1

1st Danny Saucedo – 78 Points (1,377,663 Votes)

2nd Arvingarna – 72 Points (1,190,449 Votes)

3rd Paul Rey – 68 Points (1,239,146 Votes)

4th Lillasyster – 48 Points (1,159,154 Votes)

5th Jessica Andersson – 38 Points (1,065,794 Votes)

6th Kadiatou  – 29 Points (967,331 Votes)

7th Nathalie Brydolf – 11 Points (825,414 Votes)

Despite Paul Rey receiving the 2nd highest voting numbers, Arvingarna were able to overhaul him due to the age group voting system by receiving the top set of 12 points from the 60-74, 70+ age groups, plus the public televote.

Semi-Final 2

1st Dotter – 92 Points (1,464,962 Votes)

2nd Anton Ewald – 68 Points (1,218,312 Votes)

3rd Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos – 52 Points (997,947 Votes)

4th Frida Green – 47 Points (1,028,299 Votes)

5th Patrik Jean – 44 Points (1,049,434 Votes)

6th WAHL feat. SAMI  – 30 Points (961,160 Votes)

7th Julia Alfrida- 11 Points (751,337 Votes)

Patrik Jean may feel a bit hard done by here, as although he had the 3rd highest number of votes, he ended up in 5th place as a result of the age group voting, this caused the flip result with Eva & Ewa managing to leap to 3rd place as a result of scoring the maximum points with the televoters and the 75+ age group. Frida Green was also able to overtake Patrik in this semi-final. Dotter received all the 12 points in this heat apart from the aforementioned 75+ and televote groups.

Semi-Final 3

1st Tusse – 94 Points (1,919,353 Votes)

2nd Charlotte Perrelli – 62 Points (1,272,523 Votes)

3rd Alvaro Estrella – 60 Points (1,193,914 Votes)

4th Klara Hammarström – 58 Points (1,252,895 Votes)

5th Emil Assergård – 34 Points (987,458 Votes)

6th Mustach – 18 Points (763,045 Votes)

7th Elisa – 18 Points (613,779 Votes)

Despite Alvaro Estrella coming 4th in terms of voting numbers he came within just 2 points of beating Charlotte Perrelli to the DTF position thanks to the age group voters. Tusse received the maximum 12 points from all groups except the 3-9 age range.

Semi-Final 4

1st The Mamas – 94 Points (1,550,459 Votes)

2nd Eric Saade – 72 Points (1,179,580 Votes)

3rd Efraim Leo- 52 Points (1,035,821 Votes)

4th Clara Klingenström- 51 Points (930,002 Votes)

5th Tess Merkel – 40 Points (868,050 Votes)

6th Lovad – 21 Points (783,763 Votes)

7th Sannex – 14 Points (609,909 Votes)

Semi-Final 4 was the only one where the total voting numbers directly matched the finishing positions, The Mamas scored the maximum 12 points in all the age groups, they received 10 points from the televote with their 12 points going to newcomer Clara Klingenström. Sannex overall received the lowest number of votes across the entire competition, however they scored more points than Julie Alfrida and Nathalie Brydolf who finished with just 11 points each.

Andra Chansen

Duel 1 – 

1st Alvaro Estrella – 1, 365,376 Votes – 7 Points

2nd Lillasyster – 1,163,807 Votes – 1 Point

Alvaro won in all the age groups, with Lillasyster only beating Alvaro in the televoting section, giving Mr Estrella a 7-1 victory and a place in the final.

Duel 2 – 

1st Paul Rey – 1, 207,581 Votes – 7 Points

2nd Frida Green – 925,473 – 1 Point

Paul Rey won every age group, with Frida Green only wining the televote segment to give another 7-1 victory to Paul.

Duel 3 – 

1st Clara Klingenström – 1,276,040 Votes – 5 Points

2nd Eva Rydberg & Ewa Roos – 1 173 492 Votes – 3 Points

In a reverse of their scores from the SF’s, Eva & Ewa managed to win the votes of the 3 youngest app voter sections, but with Clara winning the others and the televote, it was her who moved through to the final.

Duel 4 – 

1st Klara Hammarström- 1,139,262 Votes  – 8 Points

2nd Efraim Leo – 908,611 Votes – 0 Points

Klara managed a decisive victory in duel 4 managing to win in all 8 of the categories.

Grand Final Public Voting

1st – Tusse – 96 Points (2,964,269 Votes)

2nd The Mamas – 56 Points (1,646,198 Votes)

3rd Clara Klingenström – 52 Points (1,455,605 Votes)

4th Eric Saade – 49 Points (1,471,324 Votes)

5th Dotter – 48 Points (1,488,599 Votes)

6th Klara Hammarström – 36 Points (1,341,566 Votes)

7th Danny Saucedo – 35 Points (1,309,471 Votes)

8th Charlotte Perrelli – 28 Points (1,016,557 Votes)

9th Arvingarna – 22 Points (923,022 Votes)

10th Alvaro Estrella – 19 Points (1,071,188 Votes)

11th Anton Ewald – 16 Points (1,066,340 Votes)

12th Paul Rey – 7 Points (998,030 Votes)

Tusse received the maximum 12 points from all the age groups and managed to get nearly double what The Mamas scored for 2nd place. Dotter beat both Clara and Eric in overall votes, but the age group voting dropped her to 5th place with Clara rising 2 spots to finish 3rd in the public points. Arvingarna were also big gainers, as despite them finishing with the lowest number of votes they managed to rise 3 places to finish with 22 points from the public vote.

You can check out the full set of results on the SVT website here.

Relive Tusse’s performance of “Voices” which will be representing Sweden at Eurovision this May in Rotterdam.


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