The Holy Synod of the Church of Cyprus requested the Government to remove “El Diablo” from Eurovision!

As we all know, Elena Tsagrinou has been internally selected by CyBC/RIK to represent Cyprus in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in Rotterdam. Her entry “El Diablo” was released just over a week ago, and despite a great reception with the fans, first the “Cypriot Christians” organization and the far-right political party ELAM requested its withdrawal from the Contest, but now the Holy Synod of the Church of Cyprus requested the same thing, not from the national broadcaster but from the Government.

The Holy Synod says that they had received thousands of complaints from people all over Cyprus, and he made the following statement:

From whatever angle you choose to look it and whichever explanations are given about the lyrics of the song, they don’t send the most ideal messages which must be sent from a semi-occupied homeland that struggles for freedom and to prevent its complete subjugation. It is essentially a glorification of a fatalistic submission and surrender of man to the power of the devil.

He also commented on the metaphorical interpretation of the song given by the CyBC officials:

This reflects in no way the provocative and unacceptable content of its lyrics, which do not cease to represent a sad subculture, unworthy of the culture and of the values of our people and is against its Greek and Orthodox traditions. Instead of contributing to the promotion of the rights of our people and of their demands for freedom and the supremacy of moral values through any international forum, they preapproved our global ridicule by presenting the proclamation that we surrender ourselves to the devil and that in this way we promote his worship.

The Cypriot national broadcaster CyBC responded that they have no intention of withdrawing the song from the Contest. They clarify that the song is about the eternal struggle of good and evil, and that it describes a problematic relationship, and despite the paranoia the girl experiences, in the end the truth always shines, and the victim seeks help to shake off the shackles.

Elena Tsagrinou is set to represent Cyprus this May in Rotterdam, and she will be performing her entry “El Diablo” in the second half of the first semi final. Give it a listen right here:

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