Phillip Schofield on The UK at Eurovision: They don’t like us

UK TV Presenter Phillip Schofield has upset fans online, after criticising how other countries vote for the UK at Eurovision.

Speaking to the singer representing the UK this year Sam Ryder, Phillip said:

I can watch the show, but I can’t watch the scoring. It drives me crazy..

Phillip continued:

When you look at all the little blocks, all the little cliques/all the things that goes on and you think “They don’t like us

He added:

If we could only find a formula (to win) apart from the fact they don’t like us ..

I want you to be at the top of that leader board. Every year we send our singer out there … then ‘oh god, he’s come back with nothing.

Phillip then pushed Sam on why British singers ended up with few to zero points.

Sam responded, saying:

We could talk about staging, the song itself, the performance on the night, ultimately we need to think of the positivity back home.

I think we have a lot to answer for in just rallying and getting behind.

When the presenter Phillip spoke about James Newman’s entry last year, Sam added:

Lovely guy. I was fortunate enough to write a song with James last year. So funny and such a light of a human being.

Viewers on Twitter asked the presenter to pull the plug on his “negative” attitude, as one ranted: “For gods sake Phil, let him go and do his best and enjoy it.

“Stop with the defeatist attitude before he even gets there!”

Another moaned: “I’m already tired of Phil’s comments about ‘everybody hating us’. No, we don’t get points because we recently have sent average songs and people don’t vote for that.”

Speaking about why he signed up to Eurovision, Sam said:

It is scary.. For all of that, I love it so much. I’ve been watching it since I was a kid and my enthusiasm is so much greater than my fear because I love singing and singing is about connecting with people.

I don’t want fear to define it. I want to go there and sing my head off.

We previously reported on how UK Semi final commentator Scott Mills asked UK fans to be more positive about this year’s entry from the UK. 

You can see Sam’s interview below, with the music video for his song ‘Spaceman’ underneath this:

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