Little Big release anti-war song ‘Generation Cancellation’, relocate to Los Angeles

Russian techno-pop band Little Big released their latest single, Generation Cancellation, today. The song, and accompanying music video, takes aim at their home country’s state television propaganda surrounding the ongoing war in Ukraine, which the band has condemned on social media since the 24th February invasion.

“We adore our country, but we completely disagree with the war in Ukraine, moreover, we believe that any war is unacceptable. We condemn the actions of the Russian government, and we are so disgusted by the Russian military propaganda machine that we decided to drop everything and leave the country.”

(Ilya “Ilich” Prusikin, lead singer of Little Big, in Meduza)

The song’s lyrics mention the band’s decision to relocate: “Die or leave, die or leave / I got no choice”, as well as lamenting how their nation has changed since the war started: “My generation is a new civilisation”. It is not known how long the band has been based in Los Angeles.

The band accompanied today’s song release with an Instagram post with a statement in English and Russian that read: “War is not over. Stop war in Ukraine. Stop wars worldwide. No one deserves war.”


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The group, made up of Ilya “Ilich” Prusikin, Sonya Tayurskaya, Anton “Boo” Lissov and Sergey “Gokk” Makarov, is one of Russia’s most successful musical exports, and have identified with the ‘Funeral Rave’ genre since forming in 2013.

Known for their heavy bass and often fast-paced EDM music accompanied by big-budget, comical and at times provocative music videos, they have been dubbed the “East’s answer to Die Antwoord” by Rolling Stone magazine. They first rose to international prominence in 2018 with their viral hit Skibidi.

Eurofans will know Little Big best for their attempt to represent their country in 2020 with the Latin-infused party banger Uno. The song would have performed eighth in the first semi-final in Rotterdam had it not been for the first Covid-19 lockdown, and, with 243 million views as of the time of writing, is the most-watched music video on Eurovision’s YouTube channel.

Other prominent Russian celebrities who have condemned the war include rapper Oxxxymiron, rock group Aquarium, TV chef Alexei Zimin and fellow Eurovision alumnus Manizha, who represented her country in 2021 with Russian Woman.

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