Sweden has revealed its 30 Eurovision hopefuls for 2024

Swedish broadcaster SVT has officially confirmed the list of artists who will participate in Melodifestivalen 2024! The winner will have the opportunity to represent Sweden on home soil as it hosts Eurovision in Malmö in May.

This year’s group of artists features no former winners of the contest, and more debuting artists than returning ones. This will be the first edition since 2009 with no returning Melodifestivalen winner in the competition. The Melfest class of 2024 includes:

Heat 1 (Malmö)

  • Lisa Ajax — “Awful Liar” — Previous appearances: 7th in 2016 with “My Heart Wants Me Dead“, 9th in 2017 with “I Don’t Give A“, 9th in 2019 with “Torn“, eliminated in 2022’s Heats with “Tror du att jag bryr mig” (featuring Niello)
  • Elisa Lindström — “Forever Yours” — Previous appearances: eliminated in 2014’s Heats with “Casanova“, eliminated in 2021’s Heats with “Den du är
  • Samir & Viktor — “Hela världen väntar” — Previous appearances: 8th in 2015 with “Groupie“, 12th in 2016 with “Bada nakna“, 4th in 2018 with “Shuffla
  • Smash Into Pieces — “Heroes Are Calling” — Previous appearances: 3rd in 2023 with “Six Feet Under
  • Melina Borglowe — “Min melodi” — Previous appearances: none
  • Adam Woods“Supernatural” Previous appearances: 6th place in 2023 with “Where You Are (Sávežan)

Heat 2 (Gothenburg)

  • C-Joe — “Ahumma” — Previous appearances: none
  • LIAMOO “Dragon” — Previous appearances: 6th in 2018 with “Last Breath“, 3rd in 2019 with “Hold You” (featuring Hanna Ferm), 4th in 2022 with “Bluffin
  • Engmans Kapell — “Norrland” — Previous appearances: none
  • Dear Sara — “The Silence After You” — Previous appearances: none
  • Fröken Snusk — “Unga & Fria” — Previous appearances: none
  • Maria Sur — “When I’m Gone” — Previous appearances: 9th in 2023 with “Never Give Up

Heat 3 (Väjxö)

  • Clara Klingenström — “Aldrig mer” — Previous appearances: 5th in 2021 with “Behöver inte dig idag
  • Jacqline Moss — “Effortless” — Previous appearances: none
  • Klaudy — “För dig” — Previous appearances: none
  • Cazzi Opeia — “Give My Heart A Break” — Previous appearances: 9th in 2022 with “I Can’t Get Enough
  • Gunilla Persson — “I Won’t Shake” — Previous appearances: none
  • Kim Cesarion — “Take My Breath Away” — Previous appearances: none

Heat 4 (Eskilstuna)

  • Lia Larsson — “30 km/h” — Previous appearances: none
  • SCARLET — “Circus X” — Previous appearances: none
  • Albin Tingwall“Done Getting Over You” — Previous appearances: none
  • Lasse Stefanz — “En sång om sommaren” — Previous appearances: eliminated in 2011’s Heats with “En blick och nånting händer
  • Danny Saucedo — “Happy That You Found Me” — Previous appearances: 3rd in 2009 with the group E.M.D. with “Baby Goodbye“, 2nd in 2011 with “In The Club“, 2nd in 2012 with “Amazing“, 7th in 2021 with “Dandi dansa
  • Dotter — “It’s Not Easy To Write a Love Song” — Previous appearances: eliminated in 2018’s Heats with “Cry“, 2nd in 2020 with “Bulletproof“, 4th in 2021 with “Little Tot

Heat 5 (Karlstad)

  • Jay Smith “Back To My Roots” — Previous appearances: none
  • Elecktra “Banne maj” — Previous appearances: none
  • Chelsea Muco“Controlla” — Previous appearances: none
  • Annika Wickihalder“Light” — Previous appearances: none
  • Medina — “Que Sera” — Previous appearances: 3rd in 2022 with “In i dimman
  • Marcus & Martinus“Unforgettable” — Previous appearances: 2nd in 2023 with “Air

The surprise was taken out of the festivities today, as Swedish magazine Aftonbladet had released all 30 names in the weeks leading up to today’s big official reveal. This year, the paper correctly names 29 of the 30 artists, only missing Engmans Kapell, instead thinking Natalie Carrion would take part.

We can expect to find out more details in the coming weeks, although the songs will not be released until each Heat. In 2024, the Melfest tour will focus on cities in the south of the country:

  • Heat 1 — 3rd February 2024 — Malmö — Malmö Arena
  • Heat 2 — 10th February 2024 — Gothenburg — Scandinavium
  • Heat 3 — 17th February 2024 — Växjö — Vida Arena
  • Heat 4 — 24th February 2024 — Eskilstuna — Stiga Sports Arena
  • Heat 5 — 2nd March 2024 — Karlstad — Löfbergs Arena
  • Final — 9th March 2024 — Stockholm — Friends Arena

Who are you most looking forward to? Will a returning artist finally get a win, or will a newbie take the coveted songbird trophy? Let us know in the comments below, or on our socials @escbubble!

Last year, Loreen stormed to victory in Melodifestivalen with her hit Tattoo. Once she triumphed at Eurovision in Liverpool, she secured Sweden it’s seventh Eurovision victory, and brought the Contest to Malmö for 2024!

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