Raquel talks to us about “Stop Haunting Me”, her entry in Malta Eurovision!

Raquel Galdes took part in Malta Eurovision Song Contest this February for the very first time, with the song “Invisible”. That song unfortunately didn’t make it to the final of the national selection, but Raquel doesn’t give up! She is entering the Maltese national selection with “Stop Haunting Me”, a song written by Elton Zarb and Muxu.

We had the pleasure to talk to Raquel about her entry in Malta Eurovision Song Contest, her collaboration with her two composers, as well as her views on Eurovision and her favourite songs. Check out all of that and more in the interview below:

  • Hi Raquel! First of all congratulations for making it to the top 20! How do you feel?

This edition of Eurovision in Malta has something more special compared to other years. Being with the 20 finalists makes me the most motivated and determined person as well as the most glad. I’m just enjoying my busy schedule and as well looking forward to be on that spectacular stage and give out my performance.

  • How did you decide to enter the Contest this year?

Last year it was my first trial in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest and the feedback was fabulous. Also, through the year I had improved a lot both in singing and live performing. So I decided to give it another try.

  • How did you get in contact with the composers of your song?

The song is composed by Elton Zarb and penned by Muxu. I’ve known Elton Zarb for quite a long time now and I’ve heard some of the of the great stuff he did together with Muxu and decided to contact them.

  • Can you tell us a little bit about your song?

“Stop Haunting Me” is a song that is personal to me and my songwriter. It talks about the moment you finally move on from a bad stage in your life, and you are finally doing good, and have found peace within yourself, but your past keeps haunting you and reminding you of all that once happened. You finally found peace within yourself to let go of it all, and just want your past whether its your ex or someone who has done you wrong to let go of you and let you be free, and most importantly be happy.

  • How are you preparing yourself for the national final?

Whether it’s collaboration with PBS, with my team, with my vocal coach, with my make up artist or my hairdresser – preparations are ongoing all the time and they are really a fun thing to be dealing with! We are taking care of all such things – my voice, image, stage performance and promotion.

  • Have you already had some thought about how your performance will be on stage?

My team are constantly helping me out and giving me advices of what’s the best to do. We do have some ideas which we will work on!

  • Who do you think is your biggest competition to win this national final?

I don’t see Eurovision as a competition, but as an opportunity to make new friends in the music industry, as well as to experience new experiences.  Whoever deserves to, will hopefully win.

  • Malta is hosting Junior Eurovision only a week before the national final. Are you planning to attend this event?

Yes, with no second thoughts. Go Federica and the team!

  • What does Eurovision mean to you?

For me it is a European music feast but also one of the best experiences a singer can have in his own life. It is also a door which will lead to many other opportunities.

  • Are you a Eurovision fan, and have you got an all time favourite Eurovision song?

I am a Eurovision fan and never miss it! My favourite song is “Believe” by Dima Bilan.

  • Do you have a message for all the readers of ESCBubble?

Never give up on your dreams. When I was a little girl I used to dream of being a part of this, worked hard and achieved it. Work hard for whatever you wish for and have hope all the time. Also, keep supporting Eurovision and people participating in it – it gives us singers great motivation!

  • Thank you so much for taking your time out for this interview, and we wish you the best of luck in the Maltese national selection!

Give a listen to Raquel’s entry in Malta Eurovision Song Contest – “Stop Haunting Me”:

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