LRT announces the first participants for Eurovizijos Atranka!

LRT have just announced the contestants for the first show of the Lithuanian national selection Eurovizijos Atranka.

The chain of shows is set to start on January 6th and today the participants for that night have been revealed. They are:

  1. Germantė Kinderytė
  2. Evaldas Vaikasas
  3. Natalija Chareckaja
  4. Milda Rasilavičiūtė
  5. Aušra Difartė
  6. Dangė
  7. Ieva Žukauskaitė
  8. Benas Malakauskas
  9. Goda Sasnauskaitė
  10. Lukas Norkūnas
  11. Meda Meškauskaitė
  12. Justin3
  13. Monika Mėčiūtė

Or in the words of LRT themselves:

The last 2 names on the list were not included on the picture, reportedly so that readers could guess the last two names themselves, but LRT have admitted that Justin3 and Monika Mėčiūtė are name #12 and #13.

The Lithuanian selection will, as usual, span out over several weeks, making it a marathon selection. The contestants of the other 3 heats will be revealed at a later stage.

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