Turkey can possibly return to Eurovision and it might be sooner than you think!

For many of the Eurovision Song Contest fans, Turkey seemed like one of the countries which was always there. Year after year it managed to qualify to every Grand Final except for 2011. It even won the contest once in 2003 with Sertab Erener and her song “Everyway that I can” which later became a hit both in Turkey and in the Eurovision world. This and endless hits made Turkey one of the favourite countries in the contest.

After its withdrawal from the 2013’s contest, many fans hoped to see the country coming back. Yet, the fans are still waiting for these happy news which are yet to arrive. But hope should never be lost. Although for years Turkey justified its yearly withdrawal with reasons such as the “Big 5″ automatic qualifying, bloc votings and the voting systems, it seems more possible than ever that the country will make its comeback soon.

In a conference with the general manager of TRT in which he was asked concerning the possible return of Turkey to the contest he replied this: “TRT has taken a decision on this matter in the past; We will not participate until the scoring system changes. Our Board of Directors still continues with the same decision, but meanwhile, we are also meeting with Eurovision. A very good person came to ‘Eurovision’ from Northern Europe. I think this year was very successful. After a long time, they had a nice competition. Our friends started meeting with the newcomer. I don’t know what will happen.”

Although his answer remains neutral, the fact TRT started meeting with the EBU concerning this subject does show the will of Turkey to come back to the contest.


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