Malin Christin: ‘It’s about feeling proud and confident when you’ve been really hurt by someone’

Malin Christin is a young and upcoming singer and songwriter from Sweden. She debuted as an artist with the song “Salt i såren” (Salt in the Wounds) together with Myra Granberg. Yet, Malin is certainly not a newcomer to the music world. She has already worked as a songwriter for both Swedish and international artists (including Destiny from Malta) with a focus on Europe, the USA and Asia. Once she started writing for herself, she found her style – somewhere between a mix of modern Swedish pop and alternative R&B. On 1st October 2021, Malin released her debut EP “Kär i kärleken (Love in Love). On 1st December 2021, she was announced by SVT as one of the participants in Melodifestivalen 2022. It will be her first time competing at Sveriges största folkfest!


Hej Malin! Thank you so much for finding time in your busy schedule to talk to us! Congratulations on being chosen for Melodifestivalen 2022! What made you decide to take part in Melfest this year?

Hi! No worries at all, glad to talk to you, and thanks a lot! It feels super exciting! I actually sent in the song quite last minute. It hadn’t really crossed my mind before to participate in Melodifestivalen, but I just had a gut feeling this time that I should send in a song that I had written one year ago, “Synd Om Dig” (Sorry For You). It felt like it would fit for this forum. And just two weeks after I got a phone call from Karin [Gunnarsson (Melodifestivalen Producer)] telling me that I got accepted. I was shocked and so happy!

You are one of the writers on your Melfest song Synd om dig, what was the songwriting process like?

Jonathan, one of the producers started playing an intro by the piano which I liked immediately and after that the song just came to us. It was quite crazy actually, we wrote the song in 1 hour. I think that’s one of the fastest songs I’ve ever written, and I haven’t changed a thing afterwards.(Something that I usually always do since I’m quite picky hehe).

Can you reveal anything yet about Synd om dig? Are there any similarities to your debut single Kär i kärleken?

Synd Om Dig means “sorry for you” and it’s a strengthening ballad about feeling proud and confident when you’ve been really hurt by someone. It’s quite more serious, minimalistic and strengthening compared to “Kär i Kärleken”.

Source: Spotify

Many Swedish artists choose to sing in English. Why have you decided to sing in Swedish, and if you win Melfest, what language would you sing in Turin?

I write better lyrics in Swedish because it’s my main language. It’s as simple as that actually. If I win I would however consider to translate the song so that more people can hear what it’s about.

How have rehearsals been going so far? 

I have rehearsed it in a dance studio, but not live on stage yet. It feels good so far though.

What was your reaction when you heard the Mello tour was canceled?

I got a bit disappointed, not gonna lie. But hopefully my closest family and friends can come and watch.

How was working with Destiny from Malta and writing Je me casse?

It was a blessing! I was on set and recorded Destiny in a studio in Stockholm and I was completely blown away by hear amazing vocals! The song was written maybe two years before it got cut by Destiny. It was originally made for someone with her sassy and quirky persona combined with big, deep vocals. We however had no idea about Destiny at that time, but when she sang it, it was like the song was actually made for her.

Are you a Eurovision fan? If so, do you have a favourite song or a memory about the Contest?

Yeah, I think it’s a beautiful forum that brings people together. My favorite song of all time is “Euphoria”, I think that song performed by Loreen beats everything. My favorite memory however was of course when Destiny competed. That was super cool to be a part of.

What are your plans after Melodifestivalen? Can fans expect any new music or shows?

I’m gonna release more music for sure! And me and my booking company are doing everything in our power to get me out on stage this summer!

Thank you so much for your time! We wish you the best of luck at Melfest! Do you want to share anything else or you maybe you have a message for your fans and the followers of ESCBubble?

No worries! Hmm, one thing that I can say is that this song actually has helped me personally in tougher times. It’s been like a therapy song for me and if it could have that effect on someone else I would just feel beyond happy.


Malin will perform her song in Semi Final 4 of Melodifestivalen 2022, she is third in the running order.

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